February 2015

As snow continues to pile up in the northeast, thousands of angry commercial airline passengers are scrambling to rearrange their cancelled and delayed flights (which totaled nearly 6,500 flights in last week’s blizzard alone). The weather has been wreaking havoc on plans and leaving commercial travelers stranded in airports, stuck in the wrong destination, or left behind at home.

Stuck at the airport

Photo credit: Felix Kunze

According to Polly Mosendz’ article in Newsweek, A ‘Misery Map’ created by Flight Aware, showed that just about every scheduled flight was cancelled on Tuesday, a fate confirmed by the Weather Channel.

Private plane travelers fared much better, though. Private airline services, such as the PlaneSense® program, have diligent owner service representatives who make it their mission to ensure clients travel plans are minimally disrupted.

By tracking the weather in advance, the PlaneSense® program works to re-schedule or re-route trips if needed. Sometimes this means that flights leave at alternative times or land at nearby open airports; however, no one is stranded in a location they don’t want to be. Because PlaneSense® PC-12s are able to fly out of smaller airports, which are less congested and have ideal equipment for inclement weather and snow removal, creating alternate plans is possible.

Moral of the story: if you’re looking to escape this winter, and you don’t want to risk missing your vacation, a friend’s wedding, or an important work event, fly privately.

PlaneSense® pilots will get you where you need to be (not sleeping on an airport floor) and will save you time for the things that matter most.


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