When you enter into fractional aircraft ownership with PlaneSense® you benefit from extremely practical capabilities that other fractional ownership companies simply cannot supply. It is not only the flexible capabilities of the PC-12 that makes the PlaneSense® program unique, but also the capability of the entire organization which ensures that your flying experience is top of the line, all the time.

With a fractional program, owners know the costs upfront, they minimize operational and management responsibility, and certain businesses may gain tax and depreciation benefits (talk to your tax advisor about the applicability of depreciation to your particular circumstance).

As an owner, if you need to book a trip, change your trip itinerary, or have questions about scheduling, our Flight Operations Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can also help you find the closest airport to your destination.

Owners initially choose the PlaneSense® program because we offer a superb product, which comes highly recommended by current clients for being sensible, service oriented, and cost-effective. Owners stay a part of the program because we are a dedicated and reliable manager, and their experiences with us are luxurious, comfortable, and safe.

"Compared to other fractional programs I have participated in or looked at, PlaneSense is hands down the most efficient, even when adjusting for speed."

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