Corporate Solutions

Business executives have come to rely on private aircraft, like corporate jets or turboprops, to make every minute of each day count. PlaneSense® fractional aircraft owners know firsthand that private flying boosts their business opportunities, and they relish in the ability to save time and money by holding meetings in-flight, visiting several customer, client, and vendor destinations in one day, and flying employees from site-to-site efficiently.

The PlaneSense® team understands that business travel needs can be unpredictable. We are not limited by predetermined routes and schedules, and we take pride in adjusting to your individual travel needs:

  • Schedule your flights anytime of the day or night; our dedicated personnel are available 24 hours a day.
  • Get to your destination without the hassles of traditional airports; don’t battle parking lot and security lines.
  • Take advantage of another key feature of private travel: flexibility. Book a flight with just hours’ notice.

The revolutionary Nextant 400XTi corporate jets soon to be added to the PlaneSense® managed fleet are celebrated for comfort, performance, and reliability. Safety underpins our entire program. Companies that own a fractional aircraft share have access to the entire fleet, and can board any of the corporate aircraft with confidence, knowing we adhere to strict maintenance and operational procedures.

Why buy your own corporate jet and carry all of the expenses and management responsibilities, when we offer shares and will manage your aircraft piloting and maintenance for you? We will give you the customized travel you need at a fraction of the cost, and with a fraction of the responsibility. The PlaneSense® fractional jet program offers the most cost-effective option compared to many corporate jet charters, jet cards, and other fractional jet options. With 20 years of fractional aircraft management experience, you will gain the partnership of an industry leader, experience convenient and customized travel, and enjoy our world-class customer service – on every flight.

It’s simple: business travel using your own corporate aircraftshare allows you to do more business. Private aircraft travel will make your life easier, less stressful, and more productive—increasing how efficiently you are able to conduct business, while simultaneously boosting productivity levels. Your aircraft managed by PlaneSense, Inc.will get you closer to your destination, closer to your customers, and will get you home faster giving you back more time for your business, and also more time for whatever matters most to you.

" other aircraft fits my needs as perfectly as the all have consistently exceeded my expectations."

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