Fly Safely.

The PlaneSense® program has operated over 260,000 flights since our inception, and manages the largest civilian fleet of PC-12 aircraft in the world.

  • Our industry leading pilot training program has been developed fully in-house based on our 20 years of knowledge and experience with the PC-12, and has been approved by the FAA and insurance industry.
  • Though the aircraft is designed with a high level of automation for single pilot operation, every PlaneSense, Inc. Pilatus PC-12 flight is flown by two highly trained pilots for added safety.
  • Virtually all PC-12s built by Pilatus and delivered worldwide are still in service, which is a great demonstration of the quality and reliability of the aircraft.
  • The Pratt and Whitney PT6 engine, used in the Pilatus PC-12, is one of the most popular turboprop engines ever produced, and is known for its unmatched performance, reliability, and value. The PT6 engine has been refined and perfected over 50 years.

“Your entire staff is 100% competent and performs their jobs 100% effectively and professionally.”

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