Fractional aircraft ownership that makes sense

The PlaneSense® program is a fractional aircraft ownership industry leader, offering optimal access to many airports, fractional owner flexibility that suits any flying profile, and prices that are up to half the cost of other fractional jet ownership programs. We manage the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in the world, and we have more experience with this aircraft than any other fractional operator.

Fractional share ownership provides the ability to gain all of the ownership benefits of flying privately, without any of the hassle. With a fractional program, owners know the costs upfront, and businesses who use shares may gain tax and depreciation benefits (talk to your tax advisor about the applicability of depreciation to your particular circumstance).

As an owner, if you need to book a trip, change your trip itinerary, or have questions, our Flight Operations Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Buy A Share, Gain A Fleet!

With the PlaneSense® program you will save money, time, and effort compared to other whole aircraft, charter, or other fractional aircraft ownership programs. Buy only according to your flying needs, and gain access to the entire fleet of over 30 identically configured Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. As an owner in the program, you will also have access to our growing fleet of Nextant 400XTi jets.

Customized Share Hours.

Similar to most fractional aircraft ownership programs, a fractional share with PlaneSense, Inc. is available in 1/16th, 1/8th, and larger increments depending on your flying needs.

Fly Anywhere.

You can fly within the continental U.S., Canada, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Islands of the Caribbean.

Gain Greater Airport Access.

The PlaneSense® fractional aircraft ownership program features the Pilatus PC-12, which has the advantage of short runway capability. This means that you can fly to/from destinations with runways as short as 2,000 feet, paved or not. However, the PC-12 is equally at home on a 10,000ft international runway, and has major hub business access and major airport access, which gives you the freedom to fly into and out of around four times as many airports compared to similarly sized aircraft in other fractional jet ownership programs. As an owner in the program, you will also have access to our growing fleet of Nextant 400XTi jets.

Dedicated Flight Department.

We're committed to delivering exceptional service to our owners. Place your flight request, go to the airport, and your private aircraft will be waiting for you to fly! Our program management team provides expert scheduling, crewing, maintenance, and aircraft storage services for you.

Consistent, Superior Quality.

Every Swiss-built Pilatus PC-12 and every Nextant 400XTi in the fleet, and every single flight we manage, receives the utmost level of diligence and care from highly trained and skilled pilots, scheduling teams, and aircraft technicians.

Predictable Cost.

You'll always know your flying costs. Both the Monthly Management Fee and the Occupied Hourly Fee are guaranteed on an annual basis for the term of your management agreement.

Multiple Aircraft Use.

When you own at least a 5/16th share of an aircraft you are guaranteed access to two aircraft for concurrent trips.

“The PC-12 is a perfect commuting tool for me.”

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