Happy Fractional Aircraft Owners

PlaneSense, Inc. has grown from one plane with a few owners, to more than 30 planes and hundreds of owners. Since our inception nearly 20 years ago, the greatest part of our growth has come directly from share owner referrals. This is a great testament to our commitment to the highest standards of owner service, safety, and luxury.

"PlaneSense could fly me, my entire family, and all our baggage and get us safely in and out of [Fisher] Island's 2,300-foot runway. No other plane or other fractional jet ownership program could meet these requirements."
“Comfort, size, range, carrying capacity and short field capability make the Pilatus PC-12 and PlaneSense a winning combination.”
“I once flew over 8 hours one day in the PC-12 and was amazed at how refreshed and comfortable I felt.”
“The jet was only a few minutes faster, cost twice as much to fly and was forced to land at a larger airport.”
“Equipment is great. Service is great.”
“Love the convenience of PlaneSense.”
“You can pick up the phone and get to the top. You can talk to anyone.”
“Love the carrying capacity, range, and short field ability.”
“Your entire staff is 100% competent and performs their jobs 100% effectively and professionally.”
“The PC-12 is a perfect commuting tool for me.”
“I find the Reservations staff to be highly responsive and eager to please.”
“Our experience has been exceptional.”
“Having access to a plane has changed our lifestyle. The service and the PC-12 is a great plane for our needs.”
“Safety focus, polite crews, easy reservations process with nice and helpful staff.”
“From Dispatch to flight crews, the PlaneSense personnel have proven outstanding.”
“PlaneSense has been courteous, professional and timely.”
“I have absolutely no complaints.”
“PlaneSense is always the easiest part of making travel plans.”
“Scheduling is seamless and the staff is thorough and timely.”
“I’m very happy when dealing with everyone at PlaneSense. I wouldn’t change anything.”
“I have been impressed with the ownership experience.”
“Great phone support, very courteous employees, very good pilots, well maintained planes, etc.”

"...no other aircraft fits my needs as perfectly as the PC-12...you all have consistently exceeded my expectations."
"Took first trip! Awesome! 3-hour tough drive from Florida Keys to Fort Lauderdale reduced to a relaxing 1/2 hour."
"Compared to other fractional programs I have participated in or looked at, PlaneSense is hands down the most efficient, even when adjusting for speed."
"Sometimes if the pilots know we are staying overnight, they will give us their cell phone number and we can call them if we want to leave a little earlier."