Supplemental Lift

PlaneSense® Owners have grown accustomed to seeing their blue and white Pilatus waiting for them as they arrive at the airport. In the rare instance where our demand for aircraft outnumbers the PlaneSense PC-12 fleet, we utilize a select group of charter operators to provide extra lift for our schedule. Each company is reviewed by the Director of Operation’s office to ensure they meet the rigorous safety and customer service standards PlaneSense Owners have come to expect.

When the Flight Operations Center determines extra capacity is needed, they arrange the flight directly with one of the PlaneSense preferred vendors. PlaneSense preferred vendors typically operate the Pilatus PC-12 with a six seat executive configuration similar to PlaneSense. In some cases, if a PC-12 is not available, several preferred vendors also have jet aircraft that can be utilized. The flight crew of the vendor aircraft is briefed about the Owner flight to ensure the service details delivered on a PlaneSense flight are part of the experience when being flown by a preferred vendor.

If a flight is operated by an aircraft operator other than PlaneSense, an Owner Services Representative will contact the Owner or authorized representative the evening prior to departure. A tail number and aircraft information along with the name of the operator will be provided. The Owner Services Representative will also be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the flight.

The months of July and August create the greatest need to supplement the PlaneSense fleet with preferred aircraft operators. This is also the case around some of the busier holidays such as Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. The Flight Operations Center works tirelessly to schedule as efficiently as possible so as to impact the fewest number of Owners when a non-PlaneSense aircraft is utilized. PlaneSense prides itself on operating over 98% of Owner flights with PlaneSense program aircraft; this ensures that nearly every PlaneSense flight is aboard your blue and white PC-12.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 13 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.

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