A Cause for Celebrations Pilatus 75th

A Cause for Celebrations Pilatus 75th

PlaneSense® executives recently traveled abroad to celebrate several noteworthy accomplishments with Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. (headquartered in Stans, Switzerland) and Pratt & Whitney Canada (located in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada). These two companies are integral to our operation, and we were pleased to commemorate successes that have continued for decades! We look forward to many more years full of achievements, collaboration, and quality products, and were honored to have been a part of these special gatherings.

PlaneSense® executives also joined Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. in Stans, Switzerland, on August 1st to celebrate the company’s 75th year in business. Pilatus has been manufacturing high-performance aircraft since 1939.

Crowning this milestone event, which was held on Swiss National Day, was the rollout of the much-anticipated PC-24 jet.

More than 25,000 spectators gathered at Buochs Airfield, and the show began when 24 horses, chosen to symbolize the jet's product number and its “workhorse” profile, pulled the first prototype out of the production halls.

The rollout was preceded by a fly-by of all the aircraft which have ever reached series production in the company’s history.

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