The Pilatus PC-24 Jet: On Order to Join Our Fleet

The Pilatus PC-24 Jet: On Order to Join Our Fleet

At the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland the PlaneSense® program placed the largest launch order for the PC-24 jet with Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. We carefully chose the PC-24 for its unique combination of size, speed, range, economics, operating versatility and low environmental impact. The combination of these attributes make this aircraft the perfect complement to the PC-12. We anticipate taking delivery of the first PlaneSense® program PC-24 in the second half of 2017, and will provide details on the status of the program in the months ahead.

The PC-24, which Pilatus describes as the world’s very first “Super Versatile Jet,” boasts a cabin that will make even the most experienced private jet traveler feel right at home.

The spacious interior, combined with a flat cabin floor, offers more room than any other aircraft in its class, and even many aircraft of larger size. A private lavatory, designed to save space and blend into the aesthetics of the aircraft, provides ample room and passenger comfort.

The PC-24 can handle more baggage volume than any other aircraft of similar size. Also, the entire baggage compartment is located in the rear pressurized area of the aircraft, allowing for a passenger to access all of their personal items in-flight.

The PC-24 will serve large city airports and back country airstrips with the same focus on safety, reliability, and comfort as seen with the PC-12. With the first flight planned for spring 2015, we can expect to hear a lot more exciting news from Switzerland in the near future, as the PC-24 races towards both EASA and FAA certification.

PlaneSense owners are the driving force behind the PC-24 addition to our fleet, and we look forward to offering a jet program that provides you even more value in the years to come. You can find PC-24 features and performance specifications on the back inside flap of this newsletter.

The addition of the PC-24 to the PlaneSense® fleet means the option to get a little creative with our livery. Choosing a paint scheme is a very detailed process. Scheme Designers, Inc. has helped us to create our schemes for the PC-12, and we will again work with them for the PC-24 design. We will review several different options, taking into consideration looks that are clean, easy to apply, elegant to look at, and relatively neutral, but with mass appeal.

While we still intend to keep our four familiar blue colors, we want the paint scheme to be representative of the PC-24’s uniqueness. After all, a plane that surpasses all in its class deserves its own identity. We look forward to creating a look that feels well-designed, but that will also get you to your destination in style.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 16 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Pilatus

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