PlaneSense, Inc. Deputy General Counsel Appointed by Governor Maggie Hassan

PlaneSense, Inc. Deputy General Counsel Appointed by Governor Maggie Hassan

Lorri Badolato, who has served as our in-house Deputy General Counsel since 2007, has been appointed by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, with the consent of the Governor’s Council, to serve as a representative of Corporate Aviation on the New Hampshire Aviation Users Advisory Board. The Board is a seven-member body created by state law to advise the Director of the Division of Aeronautics, Rail and Transit (a division of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation) “on all matters relative to the operation of airports and licensing of pilots and other aviation personnel.” The Board also acts as an appellate body, and hears appeals of decisions of the Director of Aeronautics, Rail and Transit relating to aeronautics.

All Board members must have a valid pilot’s license, and they are typically individuals considered authoritative in matters of aeronautics, generally, and in the field they are chosen to represent, specifically. In addition to the field of corporate aviation that Lorri will represent, the other constituencies required to be represented by Board members, according to state law, are airlines, airport management, airport authorities or municipal airport governing agencies, two members from the New Hampshire general aviation community, and the Commissioner of Transportation or his/her designee.

Lorri is a graduate of the Boston University College of Arts and Sciences and the Suffolk University School of Law, and is an active member of both the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bars. She has a Private Pilot Certificate with a Single Engine-Land rating, and she is a member of the Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association and the International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Association.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 19 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
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