Destination: Ocean Reef Club

Destination: Ocean Reef Club

On the northernmost tip of Key Largo in the Florida Keys sit the 2,500 acres of lush tropical land known as Ocean Reef Club. The Ocean Reef Club originated as a fishing camp in the 1940s when Morris Baker, an entrepreneur out of Minneapolis, discovered the pristine, waterfront location and developed it into a fishing retreat destination for his friends and family.

In 1993, members of the club raised funds to purchase it and develop a localized infrastructure. Since this time, the Ocean Reef Club has developed into an exclusive, member-owned community. Amongst other developments, the community has established its own cultural center, medical center and academy for years K-8. In addition, Ocean Reef is now home to two 18-hole championship golf courses as well as its very own airport.

The Ocean Reef Club started from simple roots that revolved around the interests and lifestyles of its members. To this day, it maintains the same commitment to its members, encouraging creative contribution from all. It is a haven for golfers, fishermen and yachters alike.

This April, Ocean Reef celebrated its twentieth anniversary as a member-owned club and members were able to reflect back on an astounding amount of community development over the past couple of decades.

PlaneSense, Inc. President and CEO, George Antoniadis, joined the members of Ocean Reef Club in celebrating their milestone. In true Ocean Reef form, George enjoyed the amenities and activities via golf cart.

Ocean Reef opens its doors to non-members for occasions such as The Annual Vintage Weekend, featuring antique yachts, aircraft and automobiles; instructional camps for sport and fishing; and corporate retreats.

PlaneSense, Inc. is delighted to celebrate the successes of The Ocean Reef Club over the past 20 years and looks forward to its growth over the next twenty.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 11 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Ocean Reef Club

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