Opportunity: Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic

Opportunity: Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic

Last November we had the opportunity to help Chris Evert with her Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic fundraiser to support the fight against drug abuse and child neglect in Florida.

Our friends at the Avitat FBO in Boca Raton called us at the last minute to help with travel. We flew Stone Phillips and David Cook back up to New York after a long and tough weekend competing in Ms. Evert’s charity tournament which she has been running for over 20 years. We were happy to help out.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see some entertaining tennis. Can you picture Jon Lovitz playing tennis? Can you imagine him as the umpire telling Martina Navratilova that the ball she placed so perfectly on the line was in fact truly out?

Mr. Lovitz was actually quite good. And so is this cause. Try to stop by next year. We will, too.

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