Different Beat: Jannis Psychopedis' "Sensual Elpenor"

Different Beat: Jannis Psychopedis' Sensual Elpenor

By George Antoniadis

I would like to acquaint you with a profound and rather successful art exhibition that took place in Greece last summer. It featured the work of Jannis Psychopedis who I consider to be a very significant living modern Greek artist. His work is intellectually stimulating, and I thought you might like to know about it.

The backdrop to the work shown in the exhibition is the long-lasting relationship Jannis had with poet and Nobel laureate George Seferis, specifically through the archetype of Elpenor – Odysseus’ comrade who is also central in Seferis’ 1946 poem "Thrush". According to the curator of the exhibition, Tatiana Spinari, the "antiheroic element in Elpenor touches our contemporary sensibility more than the bigger- than-life Homeric heroes can.” I think that Jannis’ own remarks about Seferis are even more telling about his art. “Seferis blended for me politics and love, personal loneliness and collective responsibility and the true offspring of catastrophic wars: a hollow past and a wounded present.”

Hoping to help spark continued reflection on Jannis’ work, I sponsored a book about him and his art inspired by Elpenor. I’m happy to share a copy with you while I still have some available. If you're interested, please call my assistant Diana Rutherford at 603-501-7602, and she can send you one.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 02 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Jannis Psychopedis

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