An Airport that Serves Everyone

An Airport that Serves Everyone

Keeping an airport running smoothly is no small task! It is particularly difficult when that airport mixes private aircraft with commercial and military aircraft, which creates a wealth of flying excitement. Here at Portsmouth International Airport (PSM), the skilled operations team of the Pease Development Authority (PDA) is responsible for running the airport. On any given day, the operations team can be found focusing on aircraft ranging in size from a single seat biplane to the world’s largest cargo jet. Besides monitoring the aircraft, the PDA is in charge of the acres of airport property and the 11,321 foot runway, and has the duty of watching for any unusual activity that may affect the safety of the field.

NASA trusted the PDA team to keep Pease prepared when it was an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle program, and the PDA is also responsible for working closely with the secret service when Air Force One brings the President to town.

Next time you are visiting the PlaneSense® facility here in Portsmouth, take a look out on the ramp—you never know who or what you might see!

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