Refueling Planes KC-46A

Refueling Planes KC-46A

The Pease Development Authority was pleased to announce that the Pease International Tradeport has been selected as the first home for the newest US Air Force Aerial Tanker. In a statement released by the Air Force, “Pease Air National Guard Base was selected because of its highly successful existing active-duty association, and its location in a region of high air refueling receiver demand.”

The KC-46A Pegasus aerial tanker will be the newest addition to Air Mobility Commands arsenal. A derivative of the classic Boeing 767 line of aircraft, the KC-46A is designed to excel at its primary mission as an air to air refueling platform. It will also bring a host of multi-mission capabilities, ranging from worldwide airlift readiness and improved force protection, to underpinning USAF humanitarian missions at home and abroad. Pease will receive up to 12 of the planes starting in 2018. Between now and then, the base will add about 100 positions within the 157th Air Refueling Wing and see roughly $42 million in new construction to accommodate the hulking jet.

After months of lobbying for the new tanker, Governor Maggie Hassan stated, “The entire State of New Hampshire is incredibly proud of our National Guard and the 157th Air Refueling Wing, and we are eternally grateful for their service and sacrifice.”

The addition of the KC-46A to the Pease International Tradeport will help spur job growth in our community as well as bolster the airport’s place as a leading economic engine in the NH Seacoast region.

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