Terrafugia Visits the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease

Terrafugia Visits the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease

“The airplane that can be driven down the road and parked in your garage.”

In late March, the Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia visited Pease to test the aileron system of their Transition vehicle. The aircraft car crossover can reach altitudes of up to 9,000 feet so far.

The Terrafugia was seen driving AND flying around PlaneSense, Inc. headquarters, to the delight of many onlookers!

With car-to-aircraft transformation in under one minute, the Transition has a takeoff speed of 65mph and cruising speed of 100mph. Since its inception in January of 2007, Terrafugia has used the Transition as a proof of process that they believe has solved issues of safety, insurance, maintenance, and licensing of a car and light sport aircraft combination.

Although Terrafugia has no plans to release this concept to the general public any time soon, you may just want to keep a lookout for this revolutionary crossover. You never know— someday you might be able to drive your car onto the airfield and take right off.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 15 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Greg Chag

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