A PlaneSense® Owner Experience: Flying Benny Better

When an owner brings along their dog or cat, or maybe several of them, we treat them like they’re a part of the family. So, when one of them goes out of their way to raise their hand (ok, paw) to let us know that something could be better for them on board their PC-12, we listen. With Benny, it went like this:

Dear PlaneSense® Family:

My name is Benny and I am writing to you as I am very upset this morning. Even though my owners have started to feed me people food at my ripe old age, I wanted to let you know that I still only weigh 8 pounds, not the 15 that has so scandalously shown up on this manifest. Please note my correct weight is still only 8 pounds!

Otherwise, please feel free to confirm this flight on their behalf.

On another note, I often overhear the pilots asking for ways to make this program better. Dog biscuits in the snack drawer might be a good idea.

Happy Holidays,
Canine Owner Since 2007

Dear Benny:

I’d like to formally extend our apologies for the gross misrepresentation of your weight. We understand that a passenger’s weight can be somewhat of a sensitive subject, but to nearly double yours, is nothing short of insulting. I have promptly changed your weight to the 8 pounds you have corrected us on in good faith that this is an honest representation. (Between you and I, our human passengers are not always eager to share this information.)

I have marked tomorrow’s flight as confirmed, and hope your flight is pleasant in every way.
I will pass on your request for the dog biscuits. Enjoy the holidays, and be careful to watch your svelte figure while munching on all of that delicious people food at the upcoming holiday parties you attend.
Our pilots have told us you’ve been a good boy this year, so I am sure Santa will bring you some delicious treats and some fun toys for you to play with.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Heather deSousa
Owner Services Representative Since 2007

[From there we needed clarity in order not to disappoint, so Owner Services learned from the PlaneSense® share owner that Milk Bones would hit the spot. After his next flight, we followed up with Benny to make sure he got to sink his teeth into his requested treats.]

Good Afternoon Benny:
I hope that this email finds you well and that you’ve had a chance to get outside and play with all the fluffy snow! Mr. Antoniadis requested that I follow up with you directly to confirm that you have received our treats. We certainly want to make sure that you are well taken care of when you’re traveling aboard the PC-12 with your human family....

Angie Paquette
Owner Services Specialist Since 2004

Good Morning Angie and Mr. Antoniadis:

I have just returned from Vermont and am working on consuming the last of the lovely treats! I really appreciate all the wonderful things that you do to make my travels so enjoyable. I am going back to Vermont this weekend with my family and look forward to another comfortable ride on the PC-12. I especially love that last seat on the right. It has a great view of Okemo when we fly over.

Have a great ski season,

Benny (Still weighing in at 8 lbs, even after the great treats)

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 02 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.

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