Owner Tales: Marksmanship, Hemingway, and Solar Power

Owner Tales: Marksmanship, Hemingway, and Solar Power

If you have a passion for classic rifles, marksmanship and the great outdoors, you will feel at home among the ponds and lakes on Peter Kellogg’s 3,800 acres in Andover, NJ.

Known mostly as Hudson Farm, Peter has created a private, luxury sporting lifestyle experience and hunting, clay and upland game facility. It serves the prestigious Hudson Farm Club’s ninety-one members and offers year-round opportunities for the public, novice through experienced, to learn about and enjoy shooting sports in a thoughtful, safe, responsible and attractive environment.

Hudson Farm is also home to the Griffin & Howe Shooting School, which supports an important educational and experiential mission for Griffin & Howe, another great passion of Peter’s. Griffin & Howe is one of America’s enduring high-quality, classic rifle and gun manufacturers. Ernest Hemingway, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Dwight Eisenhower are among its long list of clients. Today the company still builds a limited number of the finest custom rifles for discriminating sportsmen, just as it has over the past 80 years.

You also might be interested in the recent addition of a new barn. It includes staff quarters, a gunsmithing facility, bird and deer processing room, ammo vault, clay bird storage, wood shop and garage. More than that, the barn uses power from a 62 kW Solar Photovoltaic installation, incorporating US-made Sanyo HIT 215A High Efficiency Solar Modules and PV-Powered Inverter technology. Peter’s team is very encouraged so far. The solar panels appear to be making up for all the increased power needs that came with the new barn. A tracking tool on the farm’s website lets others observe the impact of this decision. As an example, it saved 1,808 trees since the installation went live in July of 2011. Aside from being a common sense idea to keep the electric bills in check, Peter’s use of solar power undoubtedly makes for an even better outdoors experience.

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Photo courtesy of hudsonfarmnj.com

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