Meet Penelope Capozzi

Penelope Capozzi

Penelope Capozzi joined our company in 2005, well before the move to our new facility in Portsmouth, NH. As one of our more seasoned Owner Services Representatives, she did a lot to help us transition to our new home while keeping service to our owners humming at consistently high levels.

Penelope has spent much of her life in the Northeast, summers on Long Island Sound and winters in the White Mountains. She began her education at the University of Delaware, where she was honored as Miss Delaware World USA 1974, and finished her BS at Colorado State University. Her many years of experience include serving as a flight attendant for Delta and specializing in European Alpine Ski Group travel.

Penelope gets excited when she can personally help our share owners with their air travel planning. In her role at our Flight Operations Center, Penelope coordinates with Crew Services and Scheduling about everything that pertains to an owner’s particular flight, perhaps addressing a weather concern or researching the most convenient airports we can access for the owner. Her list goes on and on, using state of the art tools and communication channels to make sure you love flying with the PlaneSense program.

Outside of her Owner Services Representative role, she loves sports, photography, cooking and family time. But, what we’re most curious about is Penelope’s passion for raising banana trees - in New Hampshire!

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 05 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Crocker

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