Meet Sarah VanSleet

Sarah VanSleet

Sarah significantly impacts your flying experience. She and her team negotiate discounts with Fixed Base Operators to get us the best pricing for fuel costs, landing fees and crew accommodations. And, the logistics they manage with FBOs give our pilots more time to exclusively focus on flying you.

Sarah began with us in 2003, after having taught as a professional flight instructor at Daniel Webster College, where she earned a degree in Aviation Management and Flight Operations. She initially joined us as a First Officer, but soon found her calling as Head of Crew Services. In that role she an her team take care of international customs paperwork, ground transportation, FBO arrangements and other service needs. One of their most vital functions is Flight Following. Through her team, you can be assured that a set of human eyes is tracking every PlaneSense program flight using state of the art tracking software.

On a more personal level, her other passion is fitness. She's an ACE® Certified Personal Trainer and instructs a cardo-kickboxing class in a local martial arts studio, where she is also working towards her black belt in karate. Back in 2002, Sarah was invited to run the Boston Marathon, followed in 2004 by the Portland, ME, marathon which she ran as a part of "Team in Training" to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. She enjoys downhill or cross-country skiing in the winter and kayaking or hiking with her husband and dog Jacky in the summer.

Ask her where she'd most like to travel and she'll say Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Why? Because of the majestic views, the fresh air of Teton National Park, and the nearly limitless outdoor activities available. And, of course, whenever Sarah travels, she would want to be behind the controls of a Pilatus PC-12.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 02 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Bruce Crocker

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