Meet Jody Waring

Jody Waring

With this issue of PSIQ we’d like to tell you about Jody Waring, one of our Captains since 2004. It’s quite possible that she has previously introduced herself when she welcomed you to one of your flights.

Jody is a thoroughbred pilot. Aside from having flown as a 135/91 pilot and having taught as a certified flight instructor, she spent eight years with the U.S. Naval Reserve C-130 Aircrew based in Brunswick, ME, as an Avionics Technician and Loadmaster. We considered ourselves very lucky when she joined us.

As a PlaneSense pilot, Jody has gotten to know many of our share owners and their families over the years. Her feeling is that the loyalty of our owners is very unique. She is also a big fan of the PC-12’s versatility and personally enjoys the variety of airports it can land at – from grass strips to metropolitan destinations. Similar to the many different places she experienced in her worldwide travels with the U.S. Military, she looks forward to the new places she sees every time she flies owners in the program.

Before becoming a pilot, she was an exercise specialist with emphasis on Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehab. Nowadays she enjoys bodybuilding, golf, skiing and hockey. For her, however, it is not just about dabbling with those interests. She pushes herself hard as a CrossFit athlete, INBF Fit Body Competitor and Fitness and Sports Nutrition Consultant.

To add to her already incredibly active lifestyle, she enjoys year round adventures with her husband Glen and their two boys Nick (14) and Ryan (12). Eastern Canada and the Northeast have become two of her favorite spots thanks to the boys’ hockey tourneys. She does like to keep all that ice time in check with golf vacations in balmy Florida.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 07 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Dianna Dobe

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