Meet Tim Lantaff

Tim Lantaff

Nearly every morning meeting at our Flight Operations Center includes an update from Tim about the state of the PlaneSense fleet. “We have 25 aircraft available for service. 3 are in for scheduled inspections. 2 are getting the GPS upgrade,” etc.

As Director of Maintenance for PlaneSense, Inc., Tim ensures the high airworthiness standards of the fleet. He does that by proactively implementing required maintenance of time-controlled components that are affected by the number of hours an aircraft operates, the number of landings it conducts, and calendar time. Examples of time-controlled components include oxygen bottles to supply crew and cabin, and RVSM certifications which allow us to operate above 29,000 feet. He makes sure that we are on top of the schedule of inspections that the FAA, Pilatus and Pratt & Whitney Canada mandate for this specific aircraft, including airframe and powerplant. He and his team also resolve ad hoc questions on a day-to-day basis that may arise from flight operations, such as tire wear.

Tim has been supporting the PlaneSense fleet for over 8 years. He worked on the program’s first aircraft, N112AF, N116AF, and N118AF, and then re-joined our company after our move to Portsmouth, NH. His career began with an Airframe & Powerplant Certificate from East Coast Aero Tech back in 1985 and has included technical roles with several regional airlines and FBOs before deciding to make PlaneSense his professional home. Together with Todd Smith, Neil Whelpley, Jerry Terpestra and Joe Milano, with whom he’s worked in different capacities for close to 20 years, Tim is a key member of our experienced aircraft team that makes the PlaneSense program possible day in and day out.

He is a native of the area and has three children with his wife, Zoe, who is a huge Disney fan and makes sure the family sees plenty of that Floridian destination. In fact, it seems like that’s the only Floridian destination that ever makes it onto their vacation plans. But what he’s most proud of in his personal life is being a grand-parent. Yes, he used to get a lot of time in on his road and mountain bikes, but at home with little Noah is where it’s at for Tim.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 08 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Dianna Dobe

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