Meet Chris Loprinze

Chris Loprinze

Chris Loprinze is a talented pilot and aviation enthusiast who works with PlaneSense, Inc. as Chief Pilot. In this position, Loprinze manages the pilot crews and ensures FAA compliancy within operations.

From a young age, Chris has been a true enthusiast of all things flying. When he was a child his father took flying lessons and the world of flying was opened up to him. A career in flying was a natural progression from there. By age 12, Loprinze had already subscribed to Flying Magazine and read everything aviation related he could get his hands on.

His career in aviation has been one of a very eclectic nature. Immediately after receiving his commercial license, Loprinze flew for a skydiving company in Maine. After 6 months, when the company shut down for the winter season, Loprinze went on to work as a banner-towing pilot, where he flew for large-scale events like the Super Bowl and World Series.

Simultaneously, he flew as a ‘sky-writer’, and was contracted to scripting messages in the sky. One of his most unique skywriting experiences included drawing clouds over Central Park in collaboration with an artist in New York City.

In 2001, Chris flew for PlaneSense, Inc. for a short period of time as a subcontractor before he took a full time position flying for Cape Air. During his time with Cape Air, he became certified as a designated examiner for check rides. In 2007, he returned to PlaneSense, Inc. as a representative in Owner Services.

His strong interest in flying quickly found him transitioning positions into ground school training. Since then, Chris Loprinze has worked into the position as Chief Pilot for the program.

In his time spent outside of the office (or cockpit), Chris lives with his family in Pepperell, Massachusetts where he enjoys fishing with his son on the weekends.

Note: This article is displaying as it appeared in Volume 12 of our PlaneSense: Informational Quarterly newsletter.
Photo courtesy of Dianna Dobe

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