Atlas Aircraft Center Highlights

Atlas Aircraft Center Highlights

All aircraft in the PlaneSense® fleet are maintained by Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc., a sister company of Alpha Flying, Inc., co-located in Portsmouth, new Hampshire. This includes all annual inspections and 100-hour inspections, hot section inspections, avionics installation and repairs, airframe modifications and repairs, interior upgrades, propeller balancing and bore scope inspections. Atlas has been awarded the prestigious Pilatus Service Recognition Award plus is a long-standing and repeat winner of the FAA Diamond Award for excellence.

• Efficiently heated hangar floor that keeps technicians and aircraft comfortable and productive

• Vertical lifting, fabric doors made by megadoor® to effectively keep out inclement weather

• 44,000 square feet of hangar space that can comfortably house 22 Pilatus PC-12s

• Maintenance facility with the second largest stock of PC-12 parts inventory after Pilatus’ U.S. operation

• Aircraft technicians who spend two years in an Aviation Technology program to become certified

• Airframe and engine factory training on-site at Pilatus Aircraft and Pratt and Whitney Canada

• FAA certified aircraft technicians from 05:00-24:00, seven days a week

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Photo courtesy of Terri Dowaliby

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