Flight Operations Center: the schedule

Flight Operations Center: the schedule

On any given day, our team handles close to 500 phone calls and emails with share owners, their assistants and our pilots to manage current and future flight activity. This simplified snapshot of a recent schedule is an outcome of those communications. It is a live and moving window of time, showing current and future flight reservations and including a multi-colored system that signals changes in the schedule, crew duty limitations, crew notifications, and aircraft maintenance periods, and other restrictions.

SLIDING RULER: Acts as the key organizing principle and header for the day’s full schedule, showing current and future flight activity on a rolling basis as well as allowing our team to easily click and drag the schedule to quickly view different time periods and days.

SCHEDULE ACTIVITIES: Each shape on the schedule represents a flight or airport overnight location. Rectangles with "battery" ends are flights that have already occurred, or are en route. Rectangles are upcoming passenger occupied legs. Rounded rectangles indicate upcoming repositioning legs. IATA codes (e.g. PSM, BED, TEB etc.) are airport locations. ///// indicate that an aircraft is approaching a maintenance period, such as the annual inspection.

FLIGHT CREW & CALL SIGN: Pilots are assigned to each flight and aircraft listed for each trip. The number immediately after the last name of the first pilot is the number in the call sign of each flight on which she or he is Captain. Flight tracking software tracks only this number in conjunction with the call sign “Chronos” to ensure anonymity.

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