Runway to PlaneSense

Runway to PlaneSense

The Portsmouth International Airport at Pease (PSM) has an enormous runway that measures 11,321 feet—over 2 miles! It is one of the longest on the eastern seaboard and capable of accommodating the world’s largest aircrafts.

  • The PSM runway can safely handle any aircraft in the US Military.
  • Air Traffic Control for this runway is handled jointly between the USAF and Civilian Controllers.
  • Previously, before the program was closed, this runway was 1 of 7 abort sites for the Space Shuttle.
  • This runway can safely handle the largest airline aircraft in the world— the Airbus A380.
  • Notably large aircraft that have landed here include the: C-5 Galaxy, The Antonov AN-124, and The Boeing Dreamlifter.
  • The 24-hour a day coverage by the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting team exceeds FAA requirements.
  • Experienced crews are dedicated to keeping airfield open in all winter conditions 24/7. Highly skilled operators use up to 26 major pieces of advanced equipment and can clear the runway of snow in 20 minutes.

Runway 16/34 Stats:
Headings: 165 and 345
Field Elevation: 100' MSL
Dimensions: 11,321' by 150'

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Images courtesy of Terri Dowaliby

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