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The PlaneSense


fractional aircraft ownership program operates mainly in the area bounded

by the lines and the shorelines depicted on the map below. This area, plus 19 airports in the

Bahamas, is called the PRIMARY OPERATING AREA (POA).

The POA boundaries shown here correspond to lines of longitude and latitude.*

When your flight is entirely within the POA, you do not pay an hourly charge for repositioning the

empty aircraft to pick you up, or for moving the plane to another location after you disembark.

An owner in the PlaneSense


program may fly to any location in or out of the POA in North

America and in the Bahamas. When you begin or end a flight outside the POA, an hourly repositioning

charge applies to that portion of the required repositioning flight that is outside the POA.

This charge reflects only the time required to fly between the POA’s northwestern boundary

(91˚0' west longitude) and the airport located outside the POA.

*The PlaneSense POA comprises the continental United States and Canada (excluding

Newfoundland) east of 91˚0' west longitude and south of 48˚0' north latitude, and including

the areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana that are bordered by 36˚15' north

latitude, 98˚30' west longitude, and 29˚0' north latitude, and 19 airports in the Bahamas.