Our Commitment to Safety

The PlaneSense® program has operated over 260,000 flights since our inception, and manages the largest civilian fleet of PC-12 aircraft in the world.

  • Our FAA-approved pilot training program has been developed fully in-house, utilizing knowledge gained from years of experience with the PC-12.
  • Though the aircraft is designed for single pilot operations, every PlaneSense, Inc. Pilatus PC-12 flight is flown by two highly trained pilots.
  • Virtually all PC-12s built by Pilatus and delivered worldwide are still in service, which is a great demonstration of the quality and reliability of the aircraft.
  • The Pratt and Whitney PT6 engine, used in the Pilatus PC-12, is one of the most popular turboprop engines ever produced. The PT6 engine has been refined and perfected over 50 years.

Aircraft Maintenance

We manage the largest civilian fleet of PC-12s in the world, and we have more operational experience with the Pilatus PC-12 than any other fractional aircraft manager.

Our focused and effective maintenance operations are provided by the award-winning Atlas Aircraft Center Inc., which is co-located with the PlaneSense, Inc. fractional aircraft ownership program in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This provides our owners with the best, fastest service and ensures the aircraft are kept in the top condition at all times.

Atlas Aircraft Center has been repeatedly awarded the prestigious Pilatus Service Recognition Award. Additionally, Atlas is a long-standing, recurring winner of the FAA Diamond Award for Excellence. All of our technicians attend Pilatus and Pratt & Whitney factory schools and follow a rigorous, required in-house training regimen.

Pilot Training

Our long-standing familiarity with the PC-12 has afforded us tremendous insight when it comes to crew training specific to this aircraft. Our stringent hiring and training standards are driven by our constant focus on safety and service. That focus is also the foundation of our pilot training program, which instills a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of aircraft systems and management, instrument flight rules, instrument approach procedures and profiles, and mastery of the aircraft's controls in all types of weather. The outcome is a customized, highly detailed, in-house pilot training syllabus, which has been reviewed and approved by the FAA for use with the PlaneSense® program. Our training meets, and in many cases exceeds, the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91, subpart K and Part 135.

Dedicated Flight Operations Center

We're committed to delivering the highest standards of service to our owners, and to making your flying experience stress free. Place your flight request, go to the airport, and your private aircraft will be waiting for you to fly. Our friendly representatives at the Flight Operations Center take care of all the rest - including scheduling, flight crews, maintenance, and hangar services. These departments coordinate the aircraft and pilots with owner flights, monitor the latest weather, air traffic, and airport data, and watch out for potential itinerary adjustments that will maximize safety and flight comfort for our fractional share owners. Owner Service Representatives are available 24/7/365.

“Safety focus, polite crews, easy reservations process with nice and helpful staff.”

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