The Fractional Advantage

Fractional Ownership Whole Ownership
Fractional programs provide economic flexibility with variable pricing according to usage need, with share sizes providing as few as 50 hours per year. The ownership of an entire aircraft may only be economically viable for uses that exceed 400 hours per year.
Aviation expertise, e.g., flight crew management, scheduling, ground support, and maintenance is provided by the fractional program, satisfying regulatory requirements. The responsibility of managing and crewing the aircraft and overseeing the required services and regulatory compliance is yours.
You own a share in one aircraft, but gain access to the fractional fleet, which are available when your aircraft needs to be maintained. Risk of delay or cancelled flights if your aircraft is out of service for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, inspection, or updating.
A good fractional program's superior management experience permits predictability of costs, reflected in the program agreements' standardized billing structure. Costs resulting from unforecasted events are paid solely by the one owner, which may make budget forecasting challenging, unpredictable, and expensive.
No positioning fees apply within the Standard Billing Area (sometimes referred to as "Primary Operating Area"). "Deadhead" flights add increased costs from flying an empty aircraft to a location to pick up the passengers.
High quality appearance and maintenance of the aircraft is the responsibility of the program manager, and included in the management fee. The responsibility of maintaining the aircraft rests solely with the aircraft owner.
Fractional programs operate under a set of special rules designed to enhance safety and security, while providing a high level of service. The flight, pilot qualification and training rules which apply to whole ownership are not nearly as stringent as the fractional rules.
Fractional programs provide consistency and reliability of service, comfort, and familiarity with pilots and scheduling personnel who know your individual preferences. Unless full-time pilots and back-up pilots are hired, high turnover of pilots prevent personalized service and confidence in their competence.
Maintenance is performed at the program's facility, or when needed "on the road" by program mechanics, or by a vetted facility, creating confidence of high quality. Aircraft maintenance standards and cost vary by the service provider, which aircraft owners are left to identify on their own.
High liability insurance coverage is provided at fleet rates and at very low cost. Liability insurance costs are multiples of the fleet rates acquired by fractional programs.