The PlaneSense® Difference

The PlaneSense® program began operating in 1996, and it currently has a fleet of over thirty Pilatus PC-12s. The program is supported by over 250 aviation professionals who handle all aspects of management, operations, scheduling, quality assurance, and administration.

When it comes to fractional aircraft ownership, you will find that the PlaneSense program offers a number of benefits compared to other programs. With the PlaneSense® program, you can take your business or leisure travel to new heights with our commitment to the highest standards of owner focused service, newer aircraft, and our highly regarded pilot training.

Flying with us is easy! You will fly with as little notice as 8 hours. On the few occasions when demand exceeds the supply of aircraft and crew, we pre-qualify supplemental service providers for you.

The uniquely designed Pilatus PC-12 aircraft can land at up to four times as many airports compared to jets of similar size, getting you closer to where you need to be. The PC-12 also has extra room for passenger comfort, and the cargo area offers enough space to store larger items, such as bicycles, golf clubs, and ski equipment.

Fractional aircraft ownership

As a PlaneSense® fractional aircraft share owner, you will feel at ease knowing we have a great safety record. You will have peace of mind because by joining this program you gain access to our proven aviation expertise. You will be confident that when you arrive at the airport, your private aircraft will be waiting for you.

Owners initially choose the PlaneSense® program because we offer a superb product, which comes highly recommended by current clients for being sensible, service oriented, and cost-effective. Owners stay a part of the program because we are a dedicated and reliable manager, and their experiences with us are luxurious, comfortable, and safe.

“Love the convenience of PlaneSense.”

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