The PlaneSense Experience

Since 1996, PlaneSense, Inc. has been dedicated to the idea that fractional aircraft ownership should serve your unique flying needs. We are known for our capability, affordability, flexibility, and high-quality service. Our program brings back the joy of flying. PlaneSense® owners don't have to worry about any of the inconveniences of commercial travel. There are no aircraft boarding delays, our service meets the highest-standards, the aircraft maximizes comfort, and the pilots are trained to exceed safety standards and your service expectations.

The Value of the Difference

Choosing the right fractional aircraft ownership program involves decisions about cost, destinations, capabilities, capacities, and safety. We meet all of these requirements, but we further excel on all the intangibles - service, dedication, and commitment – which is why our owners chose us, and continue to stay with us, year after year.

"Sometimes if the pilots know we are staying overnight, they will give us their cell phone number and we can call them if we want to leave a little earlier."

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