The Plane That Makes Sense

Crafted in Switzerland, the Pilatus PC-12 is a luxurious, highly versatile aircraft. The PlaneSense® program differs from fractional jet ownership competitors because the PC-12 is significantly more sensible, affordable, and practical -- yet maintains the luxury and safety owners come to rely on and expect.

Most aircraft are designed and built to satisfy a mission. The Pilatus PC-12 was designed to satisfy many missions: passenger, cargo, air ambulance, commercial airline, government surveillance, and others. The PC-12s in our program have a modern, European designed interior that easily transports people in style, grace, and comfort, with a more spacious cabin than other similarly sized jet aircraft.

New Jersey attorney Daniel Herr, who represents fractional shareowners, remains confident about the field's future, though he said he expects only "modest" growth over the next few years. "Fractional owners value this premium product and appreciate that their costs are much lower than for whole ownership of an underutilized jet - even though the cost is much higher than charter," he added.

Herr said he tends to look at "company-specific stability rather than industry stability. Flexjet and PlaneSense have long been stable and well run..." he noted.

AIN Magazine November, 2013

The PC-12 NG is rugged enough to set down on a short gravel strip at high altitude, it's pressurized for hopping weather and keeping passengers comfy, it's fast enough to make it a great regional flyer, it's got great range for when the mission stretches out, and it boasts a reconfigurable cabin roomy enough to let you play FedEx with a large load or pile in the passengers and their gear for a long weekend in the woods.
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