• Fractional Jet Share vs Jet Card: What’s the Difference?

    With so many options for private air travel on the market, it can often be difficult to understand the nuances of each available program. Fractional aircraft ownership and jet cards are just two of the programs you may come across, each very different from the other. We outline the advantages for you here: Investment vs Read More

  • Setting the Bar: A Closer Look at the PC-24 Jet

    Convenience, speed, and comfort are among the top must-haves for any private jet buyer. The many business jets on the market today promise the convenience and comfort of private flight, but the Pilatus PC-24 jet stands out as a unique player in the private jet industry by offering all the benefits of a jet with Read More

  • 5 Top Ski Spots: PlaneSense Fractional Ownership Gets You There

    This year’s ski season is shaping up to be one of the best in years. Early snowfalls mean there is already powder on the slopes and locals have been enjoying early runs. Here are five top ski destinations you can easily access with a share in the PlanseSense® fractional ownership program, thanks to the versatility Read More

  • Private Jet Cost: Flying Fractional Saves Time and Money

    Cost and time investment are often the deciding factor when a company is considering travel solutions for its executives. Whether considering commercial air travel or private flights, there are many options available. It can be a challenge to weigh the pros and cons when investing in the best option for your company. Here are some Read More

  • Nine Things You Didn’t Know About the PlaneSense PC-24 Jet

    The Pilatus PC-24 Jet is one of the most sought after private jets (JetNet, May 2019), and it’s no wonder why it’s causing such a stir. The jet’s unique and innovative design makes it a stand out in the light jet market. As the foundation of the PlaneSense® fractional jet program, the PC-24 offers a Read More

  • Private Business Flights for a Fraction of the Cost

    To be successful in any industry, a business team needs to react quickly to market changes, client needs, and new opportunities. To meet these demands, companies can’t wait for scheduled commercial flights, unreliable charter, or the restrictions of jet card memberships. Whole aircraft ownership only adds another level of operational complexity and substantially higher costs. Read More

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Taking Stock of Our Parts

    Tucked just behind the Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. hangar at the PlaneSense, Inc. headquarters in Portsmouth, NH is a department few are aware of, but one whose role is critical to the successful maintenance of the fleet. Welcome to the Parts Department, where the team manages more than 194,000 aircraft parts of all sizes, one Read More

  • The Benefits of Private Jet Travel

    Private jet travel has become a popular way to fly for businesses and individual travelers alike because it offers a much higher level of service, comfort, and convenience than flying commercial, even when opting for business class and first class. Private jet travel is well-known for its luxury, attentive service, and skilled pilots, but there Read More

  • What Is Fractional Ownership? A Popular Private Flight Option

    Those looking to avoid the hassles of flying commercial and are interested in an investment in private flight have many options available to them. Jet cards, charter flights, and private aircraft membership programs all provide access to private flights, but lack many of the benefits that come with owning an aircraft. Fractional aircraft ownership maximizes Read More

  • 5th Annual GSAMA Pilots & Drivers Charity Golf Tournament

    On September 27th, aviation enthusiasts and golfers alike joined forces for the 5th Annual Pilots & Drivers Charity Golf Tournament at Pease Golf Course, organized by the Granite State Airport Management Association (GSAMA). The event netted $10,000 this year, thanks to sponsors and generous donations. Teams played 18 holes of scramble play, and prizes went Read More