• PlaneSense Ranks High in Annual Survey

    The PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership program was ranked high in overall satisfaction, customer service, and value in the Business Jet Traveler Annual Reader’s Survey. The publication compared three of the largest fractional ownership programs in various categories, in which PlaneSense stood out as leader. PlaneSense manages the largest fleet of PC-12 aircraft in the world, the very aircraft that Read More

  • PlaneSense Pilots Include 10 Percent Female Staff

    Ten percent of PlaneSense pilots are women, nearly double the national average. In fact, the company’s highest ranking pilot is a woman. AIN explores the success of women at PlaneSense in this article that appeared in NBAA Convention News. Read more. Read More

  • Pilatus PC-24 Returns to NBAA as Certification Looms

    “The seven-seat twin is scheduled to receive European and US type certification in December. The official handover of the first aircraft to US fractional ownership company PlaneSense–Pilatus’s oldest and largest commercial customer with a fleet of 35 PC-12 single-engined turborops–will follow shortly after. PlaneSense has an order for six Pilatus PC-24s.” Read the full story here. Read More

  • 5 Ways Fractional Aircraft Ownership Saves You Time

    Time is not a renewable resource. Why waste it when you’re traveling? PlaneSense’s expansive fleet  and affordable fractional aircraft ownership program ensures you always have access to an aircraft when you need one. Beyond that convenience and our exceptional level of service, we’re set apart by our commitment to saving you time. Here’s how we do Read More

  • Child-friendly Flying!

    We try to make it easy and comfortable for children to fly with or without an adult guardian. The following reminders may be helpful when traveling with children on the PlaneSense® fleet: Two parental consent forms provide for the different possible travel scenarios that include children under the age of 18. In keeping with federal Read More

  • Looney Tunes in the Sky

    If you have ever taken a moment to look at any of the charts that pilots use to navigate the sky, then you have been inundated with symbols, lines, and seemingly random characters scattered across the page. Strategically placed waypoints, comparable to exit signs on a highway, resemble a jumbled mess of letters reminiscent of a Read More

  • Inside the Daily Pre-flight Inspection

    Prior to operating the PC-12 that they are assigned to fly, PlaneSense® pilots perform a thorough pre-flight inspection to ensure the aircraft is airworthy and safe. Each crew spends significant time ensuring that the oil is filled appropriately, the fire detection system is not compromised, and that all plumbing and linkages are secure. Highlighted below Read More

  • A PC-12’s Trip Across Seas to Join the PlaneSense Fleet

    Several times a year, share owners’ new Pilatus PC-12s make their journey from Switzerland, past the North Pole to Portsmouth, NH, where they officially join the PlaneSense® fleet. Perhaps their longest trip ever, the journey covers over 3,500 miles, stopping by a couple of interesting spots that have become used to these blue and white Read More

  • Decoding Marshalling Signals

    Have you ever wondered what the aircraft marshallers’ hand signals mean when you are taxiing up to an FBO? These industry standardized hand signals are used for one-on-one visual communication between pilots and ground operations personnel. Each one represents a phase in coordinating pre- and post-taxi procedures. You can see from the image that there Read More