An Easy Guide to Understanding Fractional Aircraft Ownership

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On the surface, it may seem like fractional owners enjoy the luxury of owning an aircraft without having to deal with managing the operations, but to say that fractional aircraft ownership is just a hassle-free option would be doing it a disservice. The reality is that the benefits of fractional ownership extend well beyond ease and convenience.

As with most things that are good for you—exercise, budgeting, communication—you have to first understand how fractional ownership works to understand how it will benefit you in the long run. The same can be said for investments, and, at its core, fractional aircraft ownership is just that—an investment.

Here at PlaneSense, Inc. we know that transparency goes a long way. That’s why we’re going to break down the structure of fractional aircraft ownership so that you can understand exactly where your money is going, what you’re agreeing to, and the benefits you’ll receive when you invest in fractional ownership.

The Fractional Ownership Model

Simply put, a fractional ownership program is an expanded form of co-ownership of professionally managed aircraft. Fractional aircraft ownership involves purchasing a share—typically a multiple of 1/16th—that will afford an allotment of occupied hours of fractional aircraft use per year plus a nominal amount of taxi time. You will also be required to sign a multi-year aircraft management agreement.

Other options that allow flyers to steer clear of commercial travel include:

  • On demand shared flight
  • Jet cards
  • Aircraft membership programs
  • Aircraft charter service

While these options all have advantages and disadvantages, the reliability of the fractional ownership model is unbeatable. As a fractional owner, you have access to an entire fleet via a Dry-Lease Aircraft Exchange Agreement. Guaranteed aircraft availability is hard to come by in the industry, but with a company like PlaneSense aircraft availability is guaranteed with as little as eight hours notice. You simply will not find that with a jet card program.

Our entire operation is customer-centric and geared toward convenience, reliability, efficiency, and overall ease and comfort. Even during peak travel periods, such as popular holidays, adjustments are made to accommodate accordingly and create an equitable sharing arrangement for all owners.

Costs of Fractional Ownership

We believe our fractional owners deserve to know exactly what part of the operation their money is going toward, and we want to share that information up front.

Management is a primary component that is integral to the success and safety of any aviation sector. That’s why you can expect to pay a monthly management fee that covers fixed costs like:

  • Pilot compensation
  • Comprehensive pilot training
  • Insurance
  • Aircraft storage
  • Frequent, thorough inspection and maintenance
  • Regular refurbishment
  • Administration

Beyond those fixed costs, the rest of what you pay for is the actual use of the fractional share, which is typically charged per hour.

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

As the most efficient, productive, and discreet option available on the market today, the underlying structure of PlaneSense® fractional ownership sets investors up for unique benefits and advantages that other non-commercial flight options fail to offer.

Fractional ownership strikes the perfect balance of letting the flyer be in control of their trip, but not bogged down in the operational details. You have authority over the things that matter to you: your itinerary, your comfort, and your meals—all of which you can actually enjoy instead of having to worry about flight logistics and administration. You won’t miss having to adhere to an airline’s schedule.

Our goal is to make your flights simple. Simple is driving right onto the tarmac in some locations for direct access to the plane. Simple is guaranteed availability with only hours notice. Simple is bypassing air and ground traffic congestion by avoiding metropolitan airports whenever possible. Simple is fractional ownership. Did you ever think that boarding a plane would feel reliable, comfortable, and familiar? Not only is consistency a possibility—it’s a guarantee with PlaneSense.

Luxury and efficiency are two concepts typically considered to be mutually exclusive, but with fractional ownership, you’re investing in a service that refuses to compromise prestige for comfort or comfort for efficiency. The goal is to get flyers from Point A to Point B as quickly and as safely as possible while also ensuring that their expectations for enjoying the trip are not just met, but surpassed.

If you like the idea of traveling where you want, when you want, and how you want, then fractional ownership is for you. For more information about the benefits of fractional ownership for private, recreational, and business aviation, contact us today or download our guide.