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  • The Next Two PlaneSense PC-24 Jets on Production Line

    Production of the next two PlaneSense® PC-24 jets is well underway at the Pilatus factory in Stans, Switzerland. What will become N125AF is pictured above. PlaneSense, Inc. expects to take delivery of the new PC-24s in the first quarter of 2019. This will bring the number of PC-24s in the PlaneSense fractional jet program to Read More

  • Thousands of Pets Flew PlaneSense In 2017

    Every year, PlaneSense, Inc. gets hundreds of people to their destinations more quickly and in greater comfort than would ever be possible with commercial flight. We do the same for their four-legged friends, as well. At PlaneSense, Inc., we know that no one wants to leave their pets behind while traveling. Besides being extraordinarily difficult Read More

  • The PlaneSense® PC-24 jet to Visit Martha’s Vineyard Saturday, July 21st

    Fractional aircraft ownership offers an efficient and reliable solution for all your private flying needs. Access thousands of airports across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda without the hassles of charter and the overhead of whole aircraft ownership. Whether flying for business or leisure, a share in the PlaneSense® jet program provides you Read More

  • An Easy Guide to Understanding Fractional Aircraft Ownership

    On the surface, it may seem like fractional owners enjoy the luxury of owning an aircraft without having to deal with managing the operations, but to say that fractional aircraft ownership is just a hassle-free option would be doing it a disservice. The reality is that the benefits of fractional ownership extend well beyond ease Read More

  • The Making of Exceptional Pilots

    Each time you step onto a PlaneSense, Inc. aircraft, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have two of the most highly trained pilots in the cockpit to guide you safely and comfortably to your destination. PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive training and customer service excellence. During training, Read More

  • Fractional Aircraft Ownership is an Investment in Time

    Fractional aircraft ownership doesn’t just save you time. It also affords you more time in the day to focus on important matters. Whether you want to enjoy more time on vacation or get more work done on a business trip, PlaneSense® has a private air travel solution that will work for you. Fractional ownership gives you Read More

  • Destination: The Inn at Little Washington

    Celebrating a Long History of Culinary Distinction Many special, out-of-the-way places are easier than ever to visit with PlaneSense’s unique fleet of aircraft. One such example is the iconic Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia. Tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Inn is more than an hour from Washington, D.C. Read More

  • PlaneSense Travel Stats: We Traveled To Nearly 1,000 Airports In 2017

    Commercial travel leaves very little room for the power of choice. If you want options, investing in fractional ownership will open the door to countless possibilities. Private aviation broadens the selection of destinations where we can land our planes, whether that be a remote runway or a major airport, making it easier and faster for Read More

  • What to Know About The PC-24’s Short Runway Performance

    The Pilatus PC-24 is one of the world’s most unique aircraft. One attribute, in particular, opens up a new world for travelers seeking private jet options. That attribute is the plane’s short runway performance, which is truly remarkable for a jet of its size. Here’s what you need to know: Short Runways, Many Options Per Read More

  • PlaneSense Travel Stats: Learn How Many Thousands Flew With Us in 2017

    Just how many passengers flew with PlaneSense in 2017? If you guessed “enough to fill a Major League Baseball stadium,” congratulations, you got that one right! As the most sensible, service-oriented, and cost-effective private aviation solution, our fractional ownership program has garnered the attention of thousands of passengers. When you buy a share of a Read More