• Destination: The Inn at Little Washington

    Celebrating a Long History of Culinary Distinction Many special, out-of-the-way places are easier than ever to visit with PlaneSense’s unique fleet of aircraft. One such example is the iconic Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia. Tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Inn is more than an hour from Washington, D.C. Read More

  • PlaneSense Travel Stats: We Traveled To Nearly 1,000 Airports In 2017

    Commercial travel leaves very little room for the power of choice. If you want options, investing in fractional ownership will open the door to countless possibilities. Private aviation broadens the selection of destinations where we can land our planes, whether that be a remote runway or a major airport, making it easier and faster for Read More

  • What to Know About The PC-24’s Short Runway Performance

    The Pilatus PC-24 is one of the world’s most unique aircraft. One attribute, in particular, opens up a new world for travelers seeking private jet options. That attribute is the plane’s short runway performance, which is truly remarkable for a jet of its size. Here’s what you need to know: Short Runways, Many Options Per Read More

  • PlaneSense Travel Stats: Learn How Many Thousands Flew With Us in 2017

    Just how many passengers flew with PlaneSense in 2017? If you guessed “enough to fill a Major League Baseball stadium,” congratulations, you got that one right! As the most sensible, service-oriented, and cost-effective private aviation solution, our fractional ownership program has garnered the attention of thousands of passengers. When you buy a share of a Read More

  • Forbes Explores PlaneSense Fractional Share Program in Recent Articles

    Doug Gollan, seasoned luxury travel correspondent and private aviation solutions expert, recently sat down to speak with PlaneSense founder and CEO George Antoniadis for an article for about the private jet industry and the future of fractional ownership. Gollan profiled PlaneSense for both the acclaimed online medium as well as his personal blog, Private Read More

  • Eight Fascinating PlaneSense Travel Stats for 2017

    The world’s first Pilatus PC-24 arrived at PlaneSense in February, and we’re still buzzing with excitement about the arrival of that aircraft. Yet for all the excitement over the new arrival, we’ve also spent a lot of time considering last year, when our pilots and our fleet did some truly remarkable things. George Antoniadis, the Read More

  • PlaneSense Celebrates Arrival of the First Pilatus PC-24

    Standing in PlaneSense’s hangar, in front of the company’s employees and representatives from Pilatus, CEO George Antoniadis took a brief moment to let the gravity of the day sink in. The company had just welcomed the first Pilatus PC-24 in the world to its hangar, marking the beginning of a new era for both the Read More

  • PlaneSense, Inc. Celebrates the Arrival of World’s First Pilatus PC-24 Jet

    PlaneSense, Inc., a leading fractional aircraft ownership program, welcomed the arrival of the world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet at its headquarters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today. As the launch customer of the PC-24, PlaneSense is expecting a total of six jets by end of 2019, the largest order received by Pilatus in its current order Read More

  • Watch The Pilatus PC-24 Depart for its Ferry Flight to the U.S.

    The world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet arrived at the Pilatus facility in the U.S. on Thursday, February 1st, bringing it one step closer to joining the PlaneSense® fleet! This innovative jet will serve as the signature aircraft in the PlaneSense fractional jet ownership program. In celebration of its arrival in the U.S., we hope you’ll Read More