• PlaneSense Named Flight Department of the Year By Professional Pilot Magazine

    PlaneSense, Inc. is honored to have been named Flight Department of the Year by Professional Pilot Magazine. We’re thrilled that our commitment to providing world-class fractional ownership and an outstanding customer experience for nearly a quarter of a century has been recognized with this accolade. Since 1995, our top priority has been offering safe, convenient, Read More

  • The Importance of Private Flight for Business

    Successful companies need to remain nimble – able to respond to clients in a timely manner, and make the most of the team’s time. Fractional aircraft ownership is a valuable tool that allows companies to do just that and be present to meet clients’ needs. As Jack Falvey outlines in a recent Union-Leader article, being Read More

  • PlaneSense Collects Donations for Annual Holiday Food Drive

    As the holidays quickly approach, PlaneSense encourages the Seacoast business community to get in the spirit of giving by taking part in our annual holiday food drive. Please join our staff, business partners, and local businesses on December 12th to make your non-perishable food donation. Since 2014, PlaneSense has donated over 6,400 meals to families Read More

  • What Are the Advantages of Fractional Jet Ownership?

    Frequent travelers often face the delays, cancellations, and overall frustration with the time-consuming process of commercial flight. The convenience of owning a private jet is appealing, but many travelers don’t have the time or energy to be responsible for whole jet ownership, to say nothing of the costs. Nearly 25 years ago, PlaneSense, Inc. came Read More

  • How a Business Aircraft Benefited One PlaneSense Fractional Share Owner

    To stay competitive, successful businesses understand that managing time is as important as any strategy they implement. Mismanagement of this non-renewable resource can impact the bottom line. Take business travel, for example. A company that needs to meet with clients, or needs to attend an important trade show, or needs to get its Board members Read More

  • The Next Two PlaneSense PC-24 Jets on Production Line

    Production of the next two PlaneSense® PC-24 jets is well underway at the Pilatus factory in Stans, Switzerland. What will become N125AF is pictured above. PlaneSense, Inc. expects to take delivery of the new PC-24s in the first quarter of 2019. This will bring the number of PC-24s in the PlaneSense fractional jet program to Read More

  • Thousands of Pets Flew PlaneSense In 2017

    Every year, PlaneSense, Inc. gets hundreds of people to their destinations more quickly and in greater comfort than would ever be possible with commercial flight. We do the same for their four-legged friends, as well. At PlaneSense, Inc., we know that no one wants to leave their pets behind while traveling. Besides being extraordinarily difficult Read More

  • The PlaneSense® PC-24 jet to Visit Martha’s Vineyard Saturday, July 21st

    Fractional aircraft ownership offers an efficient and reliable solution for all your private flying needs. Access thousands of airports across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda without the hassles of charter and the overhead of whole aircraft ownership. Whether flying for business or leisure, a share in the PlaneSense® jet program provides you Read More

  • An Easy Guide to Understanding Fractional Aircraft Ownership

    On the surface, it may seem like fractional owners enjoy the luxury of owning an aircraft without having to deal with managing the operations, but to say that fractional aircraft ownership is just a hassle-free option would be doing it a disservice. The reality is that the benefits of fractional ownership extend well beyond ease Read More

  • The Making of Exceptional Pilots

    Each time you step onto a PlaneSense, Inc. aircraft, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have two of the most highly trained pilots in the cockpit to guide you safely and comfortably to your destination. PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive training and customer service excellence. During training, Read More