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Discover the PlaneSense® Difference
The PlaneSense® fractional aircraft ownership program allows you all the luxury and benefits of private aircraft ownership without the hassle of managing the operations of an aircraft. By owning a share you have access to an entire fleet.
A share in the PC-24 jet or PC-12 turboprop provides you with flights, when and where you need them, highly trained pilots, aircraft maintenance, and world class customer service at a competitive cost, saving you valuable time and money.
Guaranteed Availability
Owning a share allows you to  y when and where you need with access to an entire  eet of aircraft. Reserve your  ight in as little as 12 hours with no blackout dates.
World Class Customer Service
Enjoy service with a personal touch as your dedicated Flight Operations team and pilots work diligently to provide maximum satisfaction from reservation to arrival.
Customized Share Sizes
Tailored to your  ying needs. Share sizes begin at 1/16 for 50 hours a year, and can be modi ed to  t your private  ying needs.
Predictable Costs
You’ll always know your costs up front and only pay for occupied  ight hours. There are no repositioning fees* or hidden costs.
Advanced and Versatile Aircraft
State-of-the-art aircraft with short  eld capabilities are able to access more air elds and get you closer to your destination. The  eet consists of newer aircraft with the latest technological advances available.
PlaneSense, Inc. manages the world’s largest commercial PC-12  eet and has more operational hours in the PC-24 jet than any other program. This vast operational experience ensures your  ight experience will be above expectations.
Maximize cost ef ciency, time, or comfort by exchanging into other  eet types based on your  ight needs, subject to some availability restrictions. There are no limits as to who may  y on your share.
* Within our Standard Billing Area

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