As Airline Complaints Rise, Private Flight is Growing Fast

Airline Complaints

It’s no secret that commercial flying has lost whatever glamour and romance it once possessed. Airports have become a breeding ground for stress and outrage, security lines go on forever, and there are far too many costs associated with “additional” amenities, like legroom or seat choice. United Airlines has even gone so far as to charge a fee to upgrade from “Basic Economy” to normal Economy.

It seems almost surreal that private flight could be a viable option for travelers. Here are some of the ways airlines have been pushing travelers away and why private flight is emerging as an alternative for so many.

A Necessary Evil

Commercial flying has made efficient travel more accessible than ever before. We are able to hop, skip, and jump all over the globe whenever we want to. It seems, however, that the skies are crowded and, because of this, the customers aren’t too pleased. An industry that was once motivated by luxury is now driven entirely by efficiency with no regard to customer satisfaction.

In NBC’s September article “Airplane Mode,” James Rainey details all of the different ways that airlines have disappointed their customers. Customer dissatisfaction is caused by a variety of issues. The perpetual shrinkage of personal space leaves passengers feeling extra cramped, especially on flights at max capacity. Since 1985, Rainey reports, airlines have managed to shave about three inches off of legroom and now tend to fill every seat on the plane.

More recently, a newfound loophole for flying with pets has surfaced. Neighboring passengers have had to sit next to pigs, large dogs, goats, and even one turkey—all claiming to be emotional support animals.

And if that wasn’t enough, social media has provided the public with disturbing insight into the mistreatment of customers who refuse to give up their seats.

Gone are the days of no charge for extra luggage. Gone are the days of complimentary peanuts. Hello, news feeds full of airline complaints detailing airline abuses. We’re in the thick of America’s flyer discontent.

The Rise of Private Flight

Disgruntled passenger, meet private flight. Convenient, reliable, and economic, private flight and fractional ownership are putting the emphasis back on customer service. When you fly commercial, you’re compromising satisfaction for efficiency and affordability—or so it seems. With private flight, not only are you setting yourself up for a much more positive experience, you’re also saving time, especially if you’re one of those people who usually get to the airport 6 hours in advance.

There is no longer a need to repeatedly refresh your flight price tracking app or plan a trip a year in advance to ensure affordable tickets. With private flight, the costs of flying are upfront and predictable, and your access to aircraft on short notice is easier and smoother than it ever could be with commercial flight.

Prioritize Customer Service

Given the recent slew of negative airline experiences in the news (just search “airline passenger incidents), private flight has never looked so good. Regardless of whether you’re flying for business or for pleasure, you shouldn’t have to feel like your basic human rights are being denied.

As a passenger of private flight, you are the priority. Your safety, your wellbeing, your sanity—it all matters. Private flight providers see you not as another one of the million passengers boarding flights each day, but as an individual with specific needs.

Tailor Your Experience to Fit Your Needs

Private flight with PlaneSense provides the freedom that you deserve with customized shared hours through fractional ownership. Smaller aircraft also allows for multiple stops and easy access to runways closer to your destination, saving you both time and money.

So, skip the airport, the 31 inches of legroom, the emotional support pigs, and the overpriced meals. Explore private flight options like PlaneSense’s fractional ownership program today.