Consider Private Aviation in Preparing for a Return to Business Travel

Businesswoman in PC-24 Jet as an example of private flights for business

Business aviation has slowed considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Conventions have been canceled, companies have learned to conduct daily operations via video conferencing, and operations have slowed across the U.S. Some companies, however, still have a need to travel efficiently between facilities or to quickly reach customers for in-person interactions. Private aircraft ownership is a valuable solution that has allowed organizations to conduct business as normally as possible during these challenging times. As companies begin to strategize for the inevitable return to normal business operations, it is the perfect time to also plan for future business travel needs. Here are a few benefits to consider when contemplating if procuring private flights for business:

Fractional Aircraft Ownership: A Valuable Asset

Some companies view private jet ownership as an extravagant luxury, one that might be viewed as unnecessary by customers. In reality, private aviation assets are often more utility than luxury—a valuable business tool—allowing for quick access to customers and operational efficiencies not provided by traditional travel. What may take days by commercial flights or car can often be accomplished in a one-day trip via private aircraft. Many operations, like the PlaneSense® fractional program, offer customized plans that are cost-effective, allowing companies to be fiscally responsible.

Private Travel: Safer, Easier Travel for Staff, Executives, and Board Members

It’s no secret that private flights provide a safer environment for your teams that need to travel during the pandemic. With fewer touchpoints than commercial travel and the ability to avoid crowded terminals and aircraft, the risk of exposure may be greatly decreased. As travel returns to normal, the ability to avoid long TSA lines and crowded terminals will be a lasting benefit. The PlaneSense® program provides the ability to schedule flights when needed, guaranteed availability, and personalized service to make business travel more convenient than ever—all key benefits to fractional aircraft ownership. All scheduling of aircraft, flight crews, and maintenance are managed for you so you can focus on your business.

Expand Airport Access: Reach More Important Locations

As the utilization of commercial flights remains low, some airlines have reduced flight schedules or even stopped serving smaller airports. This has left many companies without options to reach smaller, out-of-the-way cities. Private flight programs offer a perfect solution. The Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and Pilatus PC-24 jet in the PlaneSense® fractional fleet are able to get clients to smaller airports and remote locations not often served by commercial airlines.

Tax Benefits: Bonus Depreciation May Apply

Some companies who purchase a whole aircraft or a share in an aircraft may qualify for bonus depreciation – the ability to take 100% of the aircraft’s depreciation in the first tax year of ownership. Consult your tax professional to determine if this benefit will apply to your company.

There are many varying benefits to private travel, especially with the convenience afforded by fractional aircraft ownership. To explore customized private flights for business, contact us today.

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