5 Ways Fractional Aircraft Ownership Saves You Time

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Time is not a renewable resource. Why waste it when you’re traveling?

PlaneSense’s expansive fleet  and affordable fractional aircraft ownership program ensures you always have access to an aircraft when you need one. Beyond that convenience and our exceptional level of service, we’re set apart by our commitment to saving you time. Here’s how we do so.

Shorter Commutes

When flying commercial, you’re limited to arriving at and departing from major regional airports. Between traffic and distance to the airport, there’s considerable potential for frustration and wasted time. Under a fractional ownership program, however, you have access to thousands of airports both domestic and international. That shortens your commute time, often considerably.

Access to Your Preferred Airports

Because our fleet is so versatile, we are equally at home on 5,000-foot runways at major airports and 2,000-foot grass airstrips. This means you’ll always have the flexibility to get where you want to go, putting you as close as possible to your destination. We’re always there when you need us.


Making it through airport security is one of the most draining aspects of traveling. With the fractional ownership program, however, you do not need to contend with long lines, invasive searches, and emptying your pockets. That saves you time and brings down your stress level.

Fly On Your Own Schedule

Even if all the other items on this list were equal, flying commercial means flying on an airline’s schedule. Depending on your destination, that means limited options and delayed flights.

PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership has no such limitations. So long as you have the hours in your share, we will pick you up when you need to be picked up, where you need to be picked up.

Making Multiple Stops

If you want to make multiple stops in a day–say you’re touring sites for your business, or touring colleges for one of your children–commercial flying makes that difficult to impossible. You’ll need to repeatedly switch flights and dash from one terminal to another, which is frustrating and time-consuming.

With a fractional aircraft ownership program, you can touch down close to your destination, take off without lines and hassle, and get more done on your multi-destination trip.

Simple Same Day Travel

At the end of a long day, you just want to be home with your family. The beauty of a fractional ownership program is that your aircraft is available as soon as your day’s work is over, and can get you home in time for dinner. That’s the beauty of bypassing the challenges we’ve listed above.

We know your time is precious, which is why we’re always looking to give you more of it when you travel. If you’re interested in learning more, contact PlaneSense to learn more about our fractional aircraft ownership program.