Frustrated with Charter and Jet Card Options? Fractional Ownership Offers Distinct Advantages for Private Flights.

Now more than ever, private flights are an important investment for your family and business. Fractional ownership is the intelligent long-term solution, offering peace of mind, reliability, and a responsible price point. Avoid the hassles of charter and uncertainties of jet cards with the PlaneSense® fractional program advantage:

Predictable costs

With a PlaneSense® fractional share, you will always know your costs up front. While charter flights often carry repositioning fees and other hidden costs, they aren’t part of the PlaneSense® program. High volume travels days can also be a source of increased fees in charter and jet card programs, but peak days carry no additional fees with a PlaneSense® fractional share.

Guaranteed Availability

Availability is another main difference between jet cards or charter operations and fractional programs. Some programs may tout guaranteed availability, but that often comes at a cost and with a long list of blackout dates or higher fees to fly on those days. The PlaneSense® program offers what jet cards and charter cannot – guaranteed access to an entire fleet and no blackout dates. Additionally, if your charter aircraft has a mechanical issue and can’t fulfill your flight, some companies have no obligation to find an alternative solution for you, potentially leaving you stranded. With a fleet of over 40 advanced aircraft, PlaneSense will always make sure your flight needs are met.


Safety is the highest priority at PlaneSense, Inc. With all aircraft maintenance, pilot training, and operations managed within the company’s operations rather than third party vendors, PlaneSense is able to maintain full control of quality across the program. As such, PlaneSense® operations has been recognized with an ARGUS Platinum rating and is an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registered company. In response to the the COVID-19 pandemic, PlaneSense put many protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of passengers and crew.

Advanced and Versatile Aircraft

The PlaneSense® fleet of Pilatus aircraft offers versatility, lower operating costs, large internal cargo areas, and well-appointed cabins that are remarkably spacious and comfortable. The PC-12 turboprop and PC-24 jet make it possible to access thousands more airports than commercial airlines and other jets of similar size. With exceptional landing capabilities, the PC-12 can access runways as short as 2,000’ and the PC-24 jet can access those as short as 3,000’ (some limitations may apply). Whether flying into a remote island with an unimproved runway or a bustling metro hub, the fleet has unrivaled capability to get you closer to your destination. Take comfort in knowing you’ll always fly aboard new aircraft with the latest technology.


PlaneSense, Inc. has been providing world class service and customized fractional ownership for more than 25 years. Operating the world’s largest commercial fleet of PC-12 turboprops and with more operational hours in the PC-24 jet than any other program you’ll take advantage of PlaneSense’s unprecedented experience in this sophisticated fleet. Maintenance technicians participate in robust training both in-house and at the individual manufacturer’s training programs, providing them intricate knowledge of the aircraft, its engines, and avionics. Pilots also undergo rigorous training giving safety and aircraft operation their highest priority.


Maximize cost efficiency, time, and comfort by exchanging into other fleet types based on your flight needs (subject to availability). Unlike some jet card and membership programs, there are no restrictions about who can fly on your PlaneSense® fractional share.


If you’re frustrated with the restrictions and unexpected costs of charter flights and jet card programs, now is the time to explore a share in the PlaneSense® fractional program.

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