How to Find a Private Flight Program You Can Trust

Turbulence in the aviation industry may leave some private flyers uneasy about available and trusted options to fulfill their flight needs. Like any investment, a little due diligence and research is key to finding a reliable program. Follow these three steps when looking for reputable flight options for your family or business:

Scrutinize the costs

As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. That quote you receive may seem like a great deal for the advertised benefits but consider what you aren’t getting. What is being cut to keep the costs low? Perhaps the level of service won’t meet your expectations, or  the aircraft is older than anticipated. Always study the fine print. It’s possible there are many hidden fees not outlined in the initial proposal.

Look at safety protocols

Travelers should always be confident in the safety standards of the operation they’re considering before signing any agreement. Ask the tough questions. Insight into the company’s standards for pilot training, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft age is valuable. Is the program accredited by ARGUS and IS-BAO? If so, what level status has the program achieved? ARGUS recently introduced ARGUS Platinum Elite, the highest recognition in its program, and it has only been awarded to five private flight operators in the U.S.

Consider longevity

While newcomers may have a lot to offer, the companies that have been perfecting their business for decades offer stability and have earned the trust of clients and industry experts. They’ve weathered economic downturns, pilot shortages, pandemics, and volatile markets by remaining steadfast and meticulous in their strategies, often emerging from turbulent markets stronger than before. Consider an operator’s history, financial stability, and long-term performance in your decision process.

Taking the time to look beyond the sizzle with well-rounded research will help you select a private flight program that best fits your needs and won’t leave you stranded. To learn more about the PlaneSense® program, a leader in fractional aircraft ownership for nearly 30 years, call 866-214-1212 or email

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