Setting the Bar: A Closer Look at the PC-24 Jet

Convenience, speed, and comfort are among the top must-haves for any private jet buyer. The many business jets on the market today promise the convenience and comfort of private flight, but the Pilatus PC-24 jet stands out as a unique player in the private jet industry by offering all the benefits of a jet with the versatility of a turboprop aircraft’s short field landing capabilities.

Why the PC-24 Jet Is Different

Jet passengers typically have access to more room and faster flight times, but they also make some sacrifices, such as the ability to access smaller, more remote airstrips—that is, until the PC-24 jet came along. When Pilatus unveiled the PC-24 jet in 2018, the Swiss aircraft manufacturer created a new jet category to fully convey all the advantages the jet has to offer – Super Versatile Jet.

Spacious and Comfortable

The PC-24 cabin is remarkably spacious. At 500 cubic feet, there is more than enough room to stretch out and move around. Passengers flying on the PC-24 jet have noted the bespoke interior, hardwood cabinetry, and soft leather seats that easily recline and slide toward the aisle to give you even more room.

The cabin is substantially larger than many aircraft of similar size, thanks in part to the PC-24’s unique, continuously flat floor. Many other private jets of this size have narrow, sloped footwells that impact the overall size of the cabin and make it awkward to maneuver. A continuously flat floor gives passengers more legroom and headroom than on other similarly sized jets.

No Problems Loading and Carrying Cargo

The PC-24 jet stands out for its large cargo door, making it easier for crews to load and unload larger cargo and giving owners more freedom when they want to bring larger items with them. The all-internal, pressurized baggage compartment is another feature you won’t find on other comparable business jets. The compartment is accessible during flight, allowing you to grab clothes, books, electronics and toiletries packed in your bags well before you land.

Access to More Airports

One of the benefits of private flight is the ability to fly into smaller airports closer to your destination, saving fractional share owners significant time, whether flying for business or pleasure. Its impressive take-off and landing performance nearly doubles the number of airports and airstrips available to owners when compared to other business jets. The PlaneSense® PC-24 needs only 3,000 feet for take-off and landing, and can handle airstrips with steep, difficult approaches with ease. By accessing more airports, the PC-24 will get you closer to your final destination, saving you valuable time.

More Airports and Smooth Landings

While the added benefit of accessing remote airstrips is a bonus, the feature is heightened by the jet’s trailing-link landing gear for smoother landings. When combined with highly trained pilots, like you will find in the PlaneSense® fractional program, your landing in the PC-24 jet will be comfortable and smooth.

Ready for Business

Companies invest in private flight for the time-saving benefits it offers executives. But these days little work can get done without a secure and reliable internet connection. Pilatus PC-24 jets are enabled with wifi in flight, keeping passengers connected to team members and clients on the ground.

The configuration of the interior is designed for work, with executive seating, room for eight passengers, and retractable tables perfect for reviewing documents, working on laptops, and in-flight meetings.

Those who invest in private air travel want to be assured they have access to a well-appointed aircraft at their convenience and to be able to access the locations they fly to the most. The PC-24 jet stands out as not only as top of its class, but by offering so many unique advantages, it’s in a class of its own.

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