PlaneSense® Fractional Program Awarded Platinum Elite Status by ARGUS

PSEI Argus 2023 Platinum Elite Award

PlaneSense, Inc is one of only five aviation companies in the U.S. to be recognized with Platinum Elite Status for safety by ARGUS, an independent organization that audits aviation companies on their safety protocols. While PlaneSense, Inc. just recently achieved this highest possible rating, it has consistently been awarded with ARGUS Platinum status since 2016 and is also an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) registered company.

ARGUS conducts in-depth audits at regular intervals to ensure an operator’s Safety Management System (SMS) is strong and well-executed. To earn the newly designated Platinum Elite status, an operator must have fulfilled a number of requirements including an in-depth on-site audit, developed a strong functioning SMS and Emergency Response Plan, and participated in Maintenance and Operations reviews every two years.

An aviation Safety Management System is a formal set of processes and tools that guide and oversee an organization’s safety program and mitigate risk. PlaneSense, Inc. was founded in 1995 with an uncompromising commitment to safety as the highest priority. Having a strong SMS is just one part of a well-rounded focus on ensuring that clients, staff, and aircraft remain safe at all times. In addition to the protocols within PlaneSense’s SMS, there are many ways the company and its teams ensure that safety remains at the forefront of its operations every single day:

Robust training

PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive training and expertise. Unlike some private flight providers, PlaneSense® pilots are staff of the company, not a third-party vendor. All training is overseen by PlaneSense, Inc. so the quality of training is consistent and thorough. All pilots in the program attend ground school training prior to flying clients. This includes instruction with an in-house flight simulator training device developed by FlightSafety International and PlaneSense. Pilots then take part in full-motion simulator training at one of FlightSafety International’s facilities. They participate in ongoing training throughout the year to ensure they remain current on the standards required of the PlaneSense® program.

Maintenance technicians for the PlaneSense® fleet also focus on safety within strict standards. They attend Pilatus, Williams, and Pratt & Whitney factory schools, and also follow a rigorous in-house training program. The maintenance team averages over 2,200 training hours each year. This focus allows technicians to have the highest level of expertise in the Pilatus aircraft. Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. has received the FAA Diamond Award for Excellence every year since 2002. Atlas has also been recognized with the Avionics Training Excellence Award from the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) for many years.

Operational Experience

PlaneSense, Inc. manages one of the world’s largest commercial fleets of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft and Pilatus PC-24 jets. This means that its team has more operational experience with these aircraft than most operators, allowing for a strong focus on safety and quality.

Young, state-of-the-art aircraft

The PlaneSense® fleet is comprised of two industry-respected aircraft – the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and the Pilatus PC-24 jet. The PC-12 continues to be one of the most sought after aircraft in the world, known for its craftmanship, reliability, efficiency, and versatility. The PC-24 jet was built with the same Swiss commitment to quality that has made the PC-12 so popular. While the aircraft are known for their longevity, PlaneSense, Inc. intentionally keeps the fleet young to provide clients and pilots with the most modern avionics and technology possible.

Every aspect of the PlaneSense® operation, including, scheduling and dispatch, flight operations, maintenance, training, and employment policies is conducted with safety in mind so that its fractional share owners have a safe, outstanding private flight experience. To learn more about the PlaneSense® program, call 866-214-1212 or reach out to

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