PlaneSense, Inc. CEO’s Business Advice on Managing Economic Downturns Featured in Chief Executive Magazine

PlaneSense Founder and CEO George Antoniadis recently shared his business experience in an article in Chief Executive Magazine. In the article titled “Lessons For A Downturn: ‘Don’t Stretch More Than You Need To,'” Antoniadis shared four key pieces of advice on managing businesses during economic declines, recounting his experience in guiding PlaneSense, Inc. through the Great Recession of 2008 and lessons learned during the challenging experience.
“Keep the quality of your services or products better during the downturn than they were at the beginning of it; keep your tight team of people onboard; and keep planning on what you want the company to be on the other side of the tunnel,” Antoniadis was quoted as saying in the article.
Having already steered PlaneSense, Inc. past one recession, Antoniadis offered advice to other businesses on how to manage the financial stress resulting from changes in the market in late 2019 and early 2020. Speaking about his takeaways from 2008, Atoniadis cautioned business leaders not to stretch more than needed while pursuing steady growth.
“I’d rather have solid growth of X percent than wobbly growth of 25x percent,” Antoniadis told Chief Executive Magazine. “I want to be able to look back and say, ‘Yes, we grew, but not to the point where we were precarious.’”
To get more expert advice from PlaneSense’s Founder and CEO about managing challenging economic times, be sure to check out the full article here.