PlaneSense Welcomes Arrival of Second Pilatus PC-24 Jet

PlaneSense PC-24 jet landing on snowy runway.

PlaneSense, Inc. welcomed the arrival of the second Pilatus PC-24 jet to join the PlaneSense® program on February 14, 2019. The twin engine jet, assigned tail number N125AF, is the second of six in the company’s initial order from Pilatus. The program took delivery of the world’s first PC-24 jet on February 8, 2018.

‘We are thrilled to add another Pilatus PC-24 jet to the PlaneSense® program fleet,” said George Antoniadis, President and CEO, PlaneSense, Inc. “Our clients have greatly enjoyed the expansive cabin and the conveniences afforded by jet travel. This jet, and each consecutive aircraft, will allow us to meet the growing demand for more PC-24 shares.”

PlaneSense’s first PC-24 has been flying share owners since March 2018. Since that time, it has accessed 250 airports in six countries. Twelve pilots have been type-rated in the PC-24 and eleven maintenance technicians have completed specialized training to service the highly innovative and technologically advanced jets. N125AF is expected to begin flying passengers by the end of February.

The program’s third PC-24 jet, N126AF, is expected to arrive in March 2019. The remaining three jets in PlaneSense’s initial order are expected to arrive in the fall of 2019 and early 2020.

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