Thousands of Pets Flew PlaneSense In 2017

PlaneSense PC-24 on runway.

PlaneSense pets flown

Every year, PlaneSense, Inc. gets hundreds of people to their destinations more quickly and in greater comfort than would ever be possible with commercial flight. We do the same for their four-legged friends, as well.

At PlaneSense, Inc., we know that no one wants to leave their pets behind while traveling. Besides being extraordinarily difficult to part ways with your beloved pooch (even for just a few days), there’s also the additional worry and expense of arranging pet care for the time that you’re away. On the other hand, traveling with pets is also stressful. Traditional airlines have strict guidelines that are uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic for your dog or cat. More recently, some major airlines have banned breeds from flying on their planes. Luckily, PlaneSense, Inc. has a safe alternative for traveling pets.

We understand that pets are family, which is why our fleet easily accommodates four-legged passengers! Just last year, more than 2,000 pets traveled with their owners on the PlaneSense® fleet. Some of our share-owners even flew with more than one pet at a time, including dogs of all sizes, cats, rabbits, and birds. Repeat travelers with pets are a testament to the dedication PlaneSense, Inc. has to you and your animals.

PlaneSense, Inc. ensures that your pets are comfortable and safe for the entire journey. Rather than requiring pets to remain in cramped carriers for the flight duration, we allow pets to stretch their legs. All the aircraft in the PlaneSense® fleet feature flat floors that dogs find more comfortable. They can move around during flight or curl up on your lap for an in-flight nap.

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