Two mechanics inspecting a PlaneSense aircraft.
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PlaneSense Careers

A variety of enthusiastic, committed, and knowledgeable aviation professionals support the PlaneSense® program through PlaneSense, Inc., the manager of the fractional aircraft program, as well as through its sister company and support center, Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc.

PlaneSense, Inc. manages and operates a fleet of over 40 aircraft, including the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and PC-24 jet, and on behalf of several hundred fractional share owners. For nearly 25 years, our program has been dedicated to providing a safe, cost-effective, reliable private flying solution. We take pride in being an industry leader. By recruiting, and then retaining the most talented and skilled pilots, mechanics, support staff, and managers, we are able to offer the world-class service and exceptional flying experience our program prides itself on.

Atlas Aircraft Center, Inc. (AAC) is the Pilatus authorized fleet service and support center for the PlaneSense® fractional fleet. As an FAA certified Part 145 repair station, AAC not only offers Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and PC-24 jet support, but a host of services including turbine aircraft repairs, inspections, and avionics sales and repair services.

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