Pilatus aircraft at rest on grass strip
Leisure Travel Made Easy

More Vacation. Less Travel Time.

Get to your vacation retreat faster with the advantage of private flying! With access to more airports than similar programs, you have greater opportunity to enjoy small islands and remote destinations.

Pilatus aircraft at rest on grass strip

More Time Vacationing, Less Time Traveling

Tropical islands in the Bahamas. Quaint islands in New England. Remote fishing spots. Favorite ski destinations. Your vacation possibilities are endless with a share in the PlaneSense® fractional program. Avoid long commercial airport lines and enjoy the convenience of private leisure travel that gets you closer to your vacation destination. The PlaneSense® aircraft have the ability to reach more locations than other programs, including remote runways, short airfields, and grass strips.

Fit more fun into your vacation with the roomy cargo door and storage area. There’s enough space in the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft to store larger items such as bicycles, golf clubs, and fishing rods, all accessible from inside the aircraft. Also, the PlaneSense® Flight Operations Center will log your preferences, ensuring sure your flights are personalized, and that every member of your party feels comfortable, including your pets!