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PlaneSense PC-24 fleet.
The PlaneSense® Fleet

Safe and Reliable

The ever-expanding PlaneSense® fleet offers aircraft share owners flexibility and reliability. With access to more than 40 aircraft, there is always availability to meet your travel needs.

PlaneSense PC-24 fleet.

Pilatus PC-12

Your PC-12 cabins are very comfortable, with plenty of head room and leg room, and a spacious seating configuration. The Pilatus PC-12s in the PlaneSense® program have a modern, European designed interior, with six large seats that swivel and recline, three tables for work or meals, and club-chair arrangements for face-to-face dialogue. Compare the PC-12 cabin room with other similar aircraft here.

Along with the large passenger cabin, the cargo area offers enough room to store larger items such as bicycles, golf clubs, hunting gear, and fishing rods. The PC-12 luggage compartment is inside the pressurized cabin and baggage is easy to access during flight.

Pilatus PC-24

The PC-24 is a jet like no other, setting a new standard of luxury, comfort, and technology for jets in its class. As the launch customer for the PC-24, PlaneSense, Inc. is proud to include this unique jet to our fleet. Like the PC-12, the PC-24 offers a spacious cabin with generous headroom. Eight large executive style seats that swivel and recline will keep passengers comfortable throughout the flight. The PC-24 also features the same large cargo door and interior storage as the PC-12. Learn more about the PC-24 jet here.

Features on All PlaneSense® Aircraft

Each aircraft in the fleet features a refreshment center, A/C outlets for electronics, and a private, enclosed, flushing lavatory. Other amenities, including custom in-flight catering, are also available upon request.

Aircraft Maintenance

With nearly 25 years managing Pilatus aircraft, PlaneSense, Inc. is proud to have more operational experience with the Pilatus PC-12 than any other fractional aircraft manager or charter operator in the world. PlaneSense, Inc. aircraft mechanics are specially trained and certified on PC-12 aircraft and Pilatus PC-24 jets.

This focused and accomplished maintenance operation is provided by award-winning aircraft mechanics in the company’s 40,000 square foot hangar located in Portsmouth, NH. The PlaneSense® maintenance operation has been repeatedly awarded the prestigious Pilatus Service Recognition Award and is a long-standing, recurring winner of the FAA Diamond Award for Excellence, and the Avionics Training Excellence Award, which recognizes Aircraft Electronics Association members for their total commitment to training. All PlaneSense® technicians and mechanics attend Pilatus, Williams, and Pratt & Whitney factory schools, and follow a rigorous, required in-house training regimen. The parts department within the facility is one-of-a-kind, with an extensive inventory, enabling the technicians and mechanics to get their work done efficiently and in-house with minimum down time.